Elimination Moves Left Right Drag

One of the hardest but most effective elimination moves there is. The drag to the left is not too hard, but brining it back to the right and making the drags long is really difficult. Also you need to make sure the ball doesn't get away from you.

A little word from me to you!

I created HertzbergerTV online coaching programs so that hockey players and coaches can benefit from my vast experience and expertise. The program provides personalized coaching and mentorship, tailored to the specific needs and goals of each individual.

- Jeroen Hertzberger

So what can I expect from these courses?

Are you struggling with your game and do you feel you are not getting enough out of your club, college or school program? Then this is the place for you. Whether you are just getting started or if you want to become a professional hockey player, these courses are for everyone! During these online courses I will be your personal coach where we will focus on basics, shooting, scoring, elimination moves and specialities such as dragflicks and shootouts. In this online course I want to show you the fundamentals from basics to advanced skills. And also a couple of my secrets ;-)

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Teun de Nooijer

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Seve van Ass

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Jamie Dwyer

Hi, I’m Jeroen Hertzberger. 3 time Olympian & player for HC Rotterdam.

Playing hockey at the highest level for over 20 years has allowed me to gain a lot of experience in high performance sports. I want to share my experience with you. I would like to share my thoughts on hockey, but also the secrets behind an injury free career and the power of mental strength!

Player BIO:

267 caps for the Netherlands. 125 goals.

2x European champion

2x World Cup Runner up

2x player of the year Hoofdklasse, Netherlands

4x topscorere Hoofdklasse, Netherlands

EHL All Time Topscorer

706 Career games

545 Career goals